Our Change Management Model

Integrating Strategy, Process, Innovation, People and Systems for successful business transformation

Kaizen Consulting Group’s change management model for successful business transformation encompasses the following key elements:

Strategy and Vision Alignment Strategy and Vision Alignment
Process Improvement Process Improvement
Innovation of Processes / Products / Services Innovation of Processes / Products / Services
People Development and Empowerment People Development and Empowerment
Sustainable Systems Sustainable Systems


We help organisations formulate strategic roadmaps for continuous improvement using strategic planning models and tools such as:
Kaizen | Balanced Scorecard | Hoshin Kanri


We deliver customised solutions to drive organisations for continuous improvement in process and service quality and operational excellence that are achieved through a combination of powerful improvement methodologies such as:
Lean | Six Sigma | Lean Six Sigma | Design For Six Sigma |Continuous Improvement Programme


People are the most important assets in any organisation. Change starts and ends with people. Change can only happen when organisations engage their people in the change process and relevant training and development. We help organisations to unleash the full potential of their most important assets through change management, people development and organisational development. Some Change-driven programmes we provide include:
Executive Development


Innovation is one of the critical elements of success in business and we have pioneered the implementation of breakthrough innovation methodologies or tools such as:
TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)


Systems are the important foundation to support sustainable organisational improvement. We help organisations to develop and standardise systems and align them with their business processes. These can include Quality, Environmental, and Health & Safety management systems and industry-specific management system requirements like:
ISO 9000 | ISO 14000 | OHSAS 18000 | HACCP / ISO 22000 Food Safety Management


Kaizen Change Management Model

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