8D (Eight Disciplines) Problem Solving Methodology 


The 8D (Eight Disciplines) Problem Solving Methodology is a step-by-step problem solving methodology pioneered by Ford Motor Company through its Team Oriented Problem Solving Global 8D Process. It is a highly effective approach to finding root causes, development of proper actions to eliminate root causes, and implementation of permanent corrective action.

The 8D process uses a combination of effective techniques and tools to focus a cross functional team through a very detailed analysis of the problem. When followed diligently, 8D will lead to the discovery of the root causes and possible solutions with consideration of cost, timing, effect on customers, and the impact on the organisation.

In this 2-day practical workshop, participants will learn through a step by step instructional process of preparation, establishing a team, brainstorming, to systematically analysing and preventing problems from recurring. In addition, participants will learn the practical problem solving tools required by the 8D process. Through the workshop, participants will be able to appreciate why implementing and using an 8D problem solving methodology using a multi-disciplined team is beneficial and important, especially when meeting customer expectations.

Duration: 2 Days

Target Audience:

Cross-functional project team leaders and members from both the manufacturing and service (including banking and finance, logistics, healthcare, government and public service) sectors.
Programme Objectives:

Understand the fundamental principles on which problem solving is based, including teamwork
Appreciate the need for a standardised approach
Appreciate the benefits of utilising a standardised report format for all problems
Have an understanding of the practical application of the supporting tools required for successful problem resolution

Programme Outline:
1) Introduction to the 8D Process

  • The 8D Process Flow
  • The Flow of Countermeasures
  • Types of Countermeasures
  • Ten Actions Verbs
  • The Management Cycle of Verification and Validation
  • Example of Good 8D Reporting
  • Example of Bad 8D Reporting

2) Detailed Explanation of the 8D Process

  • D0 : Preparing for the 8D Process
  • D1 : Establishing the Team
    •   Group Problem Solving
  • D2 : Describing the Problem
    •   Problem Statement
  • D3 : Developing an Interim Containment Action Validation of 'Permanent Corrective Action'
    • Verification & Validation of 'Interim Containment Action'
  • D4 : Defining and Verifying the Root Cause and Escape Point
    •   Cause & Effect Analysis
    •   Verification of Root Cause
  • D5 : Choosing and Verifying the Permanent Corrective Actions
    •   Mistake Proofing
  • D6 : Implementing and Validating Permanent Corrective Actions
    •   Validation of 'Permanent Corrective Action'
  • D7 : Preventing Recurrence
    •   Standard Operating Procedures
  • D8 : Recognising Contributions of the Team and Individuals
    •   Recognition Methods

3) Workshop on Preparing an Effective 8D Report

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